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Tournament schedule

05 Jan

Arrival of all delegations by 5 pm Accommodation in assigned accommodation. Registration and delivery of the artwork of the tournament. 21.30 Official Presentation.

06 Jan

09.00 am Start qualifying races for all categories as scheduled with the afternoon session.
21.30 Grand Opening of the tournament with the parade of all participating teams on Viale a Mare in Viareggio.

07 Jan


Welcome in

Carnival city located on the Tuscan coast a few kilometers from the beautiful cities of Pisa, Lucca and Florence. Viareggio with its pleasant climate even in winter, the sun, the great beaches, the sea and an intense nightlife is an attractive tourist destination all year round

The Tournament

This tournament, offers the opportunity to combine a sporting event dedicated to children with a fun and healthy holiday.


The hotels, all of excellent quality, are located in Viareggio and Versilia.

Viareggio from 05 to 07 JANFEB 2023

16 Trophy of the Epiphany


A11 Under 18
Under 18 Time: 2x 30
A11 Under 16
Under 16 Time: 2 x 30
A11 Under 15
Under 15 Time: 2 x 25
A11 Under 14
Under 14 Time: 2x25
A9 Under 13
Under 13 Time: 2 x 20
A9 Under 12
Under 12 Time: 2 x 20
A7 Under 11
Under 11 Time: 2 x 20
A7 Under 10
Under 10 Time: 2 x 20
A5 Under 9
Under 9 Time: 2 x 15
Results and Rankings

Trophy of the Epiphany

Tournament fees

Per person for the entire period of the tournament including accommodation and tournament costs. Possible splits of the package for a limited number of participants (about 5 units). We do not accept Clubs with overnight stays outside our indicated package.